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Do you already have the right to represent certain products or services for a certain territory, for sale or for rent? Or could you?

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This site shows sales and rental agents/reps/distributors how to do it best... how to generate tremendous business for your clients, and build your agency at the same time.

Your smart phone will still remain an important tool... more important than ever because it will be ringing much more often.

The opportunities in this area are truly spectacular... if you have the particular business smarts required to be an effective sales or rental agent in a specific niche.

If you don't already represent some businesses, here are just a few examples, to start you thinking about the possibilities...

  • Speaking services of a celebrity
  • Real estate in Venice Beach
  • Medical imaging equipment
  • BMW leasing in Hong Kong
  • Villas in Tuscany
  • Specialized electronic components
  • Apartments in London, England

What Is Lead Generation?

The dictionary definition is: "the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business's products or services. Lead generation means you acquire clients to a product or a service someone else is providing and you get a commission for it.

The "lead" in this case is someone who seeks something specific. Your job as a lead generator is to make him find your client's product/service by creating a website the lead finds and trusts. If the product/service you represent is good and in high demand, you can scale this as much as your client can handle and reap the dividends by simply being the middle man.

Start While the Competition Is Still Figuring It Out

The current state of the art is pitiful. Take one typical example...

Large real estate companies (e.g., Century 21) are still figuring out how to use the Internet to generate high volumes of traffic for their individual sales agents. They try to use offline models/strategies on the Web... with predictably dismal results.

Yes, the Internet has become an important real estate demonstration tool allowing for virtual tours of homes and easy to find properties. But the Internet still has so much more potential for this industry among dozens of others.

Meanwhile, individual agents are catching on to putting up their own sites to drive leads.

So how can you, as an agent who represents a product or service, take advantage of this situation too?

Master Your Niche... Own It

The key to success is to first master a niche. The Web, when properly used, is the ultimate niche marketing-and-selling vehicle. It is the ideal situation for those who represent the products or services of others.

To succeed online, you must build your own niche/theme-focused business. That means building your own targeted traffic, your own clientele, from the ground up.

The basic, natural process for any product or service that you represent, remains the same...

  1. Develop your own site in the niche that you know and love.
  2. Fill that site with high-value content. This is the foundation.
  3. Use that content to attract your own niche-targeted traffic.
  4. Build a following through your own digital newsletter.
  5. Use your newsletter and site content to PREsell your targeted visitors. And finally...
  6. Convert that PREsold, warm, willing-to-buy traffic into new clients for the products or services that you represent.
  7. Diversify your revenue plan to include other models (e.g., AdSense, affiliate income, services, etc.), all related to your theme.

How Easy Is This? How "Doable"?


Consider Jim Andrew and Fiona McCardle from Tuscany, Italy. They've generated tens of thousands of dollars in rentals. They run the delightful SBI! site, rent-a-villa-in-tuscany.com. They have steadily built the site into a charming, engaging "everything you ever wanted to know about Tuscany" resource.

Some pre-customers are, obviously, looking for "villas in Tuscany." Most, however, don't even know they will become customers -- they may be searching for wines of Tuscany or golf, cooking, etc.

The point is that people don't look for rent-a-villa-in-tuscany.com or their business. They look for information about Tuscany, and that is how they find rent-a-villa-in-tuscany.com. And that is how and why the rent-a-villa-in-tuscany.com ranks far higher in traffic than most big-budget companies.

Building a Theme-Based Content Site delivers the information people seek. Actually, it OVERdelivers it. SBI! showed Jim and Fiona how to write it so that Search Engines and key Social Media sites like their content, too. It did more than "show" them. It provided all the tools they needed including step-by-step online help and all the tools to execute it.

So... interested, motivated people find the site. Thousands of them. They are PREsold by the excellent content. And then they decide to rent a villa there.

Special Prize

Why Do SBI! Sites Thrive?

Compare the SBI! process and execution of rent-a-villa-in-tuscany.com with the "standard approach" used by most agents (or their multi-billion dollar headquarters) who struggle (even though they may have great products and beautiful sites).

Agents/representatives struggle for two reasons...

1 - They depend on the parent company's efforts to help them. As we have seen, the parent company is paralyzed. The solution for this? Take matters into your own hands...

Jerry Mack did. His first SBI! site generated over $2 million of business in a short period of time. Then he realized he didn't need the parent company.

He quit his executive sales job, even though he was legally obliged to turn the first site he built over to his ex-employer. And then he started his own website, representing products from both his original parent company and other manufacturers. And...

He owned his own business, one with real equity that was his. Jerry sold his site a few years ago, for a substantial sum, when he decided to retire.

2 - They don't completely understand the process, or how to execute it. Most small business agents struggle online because of poor process. Those few who do understand this "content-from-the-ground-up" process usually lack the right collection of tools to remove the complexity of building a successful online business. The solution...

SBI! delivers both... the process, and all the tools necessary, integrated seamlessly.

Click here to review the process that SBI! users follow. It's all about delivering the content that your target market seeks, PREselling them, and then (and only then) converting traffic into sales and/or rentals.

When You Own Your Own PREsold Traffic,
You're More Than an Agent... You're in Control

Where do most small businesses struggle? No traffic.

This is where SBI! members succeed. Lots of traffic. Warm, PREsold, willing-to-buy visitors, who are about to become customers... lifetime customers.

In the real world, agents get "cut out of the middle" by the ruthless every day. Online, if that happens to you, you cut off the traffic flow. You are in control.

Better still, you have the power and flexibility to diversify into new monetization models. Adding multiple streams of income both grows and stabilizes your revenues.

Net Result? The Web Does Your Prospecting...
You Field Warm Leads All Day Long

SBI! is the ultimate process and system of tools for building a dedicated clientele for your agency, no matter what or who you represent. Remember this... it's all pointless without traffic.

Try it and see for yourself...

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You'll soon have a site that attracts warm, willing-to-buy visitors...

Your visitors. And then... Your clientele.

You have a future to gain, a past (i.e., knowledge) to convert into income, and absolutely nothing to lose.

"Venture nothing, and life is less than it should be."
Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990)

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